NCS 30th Annual Jogathon

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Rank Team Name Amount
#1 1st Grade $14,832.68
#2 5th Grade $11,703.43
#3 Preschool $11,088.00
#4 2nd & 3rd Grade $10,911.43
#5 4th Grade $9,206.50
#6 Kindergarten $8,890.00

Rank Name Amount
#1 Samuel Z. $1,548.18
#2 Paige B. $1,530.00
#3 Anna Z. $1,524.18
#4 Stephen Z. $1,501.18
#5 Randolph K. $1,325.00

Welcome to the NCS Jogathon Donation Site

DATE:  Saturday, November 7, 2020

HOW TO GIVE:  Go to “Support A RUNNER-PARTICIPANT” on this screen and enter in the name of your NCS runner. Follow and complete the payment instructions.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Major credit cards and Paypal are accepted. Donations can be made with a flat fee or “per lap” (1/4 mile) sponsorship.

The annual Jogathon is a long-standing tradition at New Covenant School that supports childhood health and wellness as well as raises important funds to keep our school financially fit and running strong. NCS is a Preschool through Grade 5 Christian day school with campuses in Lexington (Preschool and Kindergarten) and Arlington (grades 1-5) and is committed to keeping access to excellent, private Christian education within reach to families in our high cost of living region. For the last 30 years, NCS students train and prepare physically, mentally and prayerfully to run as many quarter mile laps as possible in one hour. They raise funds through per lap (quarter mile) or flat fee sponsorship for their hard work and effort.

This year marks the 30th running of the Jogathon! Our students are actively training and will run in a safe manner in staggered starts and small groups throughout the day to complete their running goals.

NCS is Operating Safely through COVID-19 and is Re-opened to Stay Open

With the implementation of extensive health and safety protocols, NCS reopened on September 8th and has been successfully delivering 5 day, in-building teaching at both of our campuses. The NCS “Roadmap Back to Campus” reopening plan prioritizes the safety and well-being of our community with committed investments and adjustments to support the greatest opportunity for in-person leaning on our Arlington and Lexington campuses, accommodating every student every day, while providing a robust HIGH FLEX (fully remote) option for families who desire the flexibility of that education choice.  To meet our in-person and HIGH FLEX education standards and goals, NCS has invested in faculty professional development (MIT, Harvard, Teach for Transformation), technology infrastructure and equipment, enhanced air quality and ventilation measures, increased daily professional cleaning and sanitization, and implemented mitigation of transmission strategies to provide the safest possible scenario for in- person learning and best practices for the delivery of quality HIGH FLEX remote education.  

Your Generosity, Now More Than Ever, Keeps NCS Running Strong

The direct and indirect cost to NCS to reopen and stay open amounts to about $225,000. In addition to COVID related reopening costs, NCS has faithfully awarded over $100,000 in financial aid in the form of tuition discounts to help families during this challenging time. By supporting our student runners, you are helping NCS overcome the incredible fiscal challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain our mission of providing an affordable and meaningful in-person (and fully remote) education option to families during this unprecedented season.

Thank you for your generous support of our students and helping us reach our critical fundraising need.



Make a General Donation!

"In His Grip - The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord…."
— Psalms 37:23
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